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Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Pricing & Promotion Policy.

Terms And Conditions

KHFREELANCE’s  Terms of Service

The Terms of service of  KHFREELANCE  , govern your access to and use of our website and mobile application, the  content, functionality and services offered on or through our platform or mobile app.  Our Headquarters is located in House 32, Street 432, ToulTumpoung , ChamkarMon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia .                                As "khfreelance "we use word  "we" and â€œyou” or â€œuser”

Please read the Terms of Service carefully before you start to use the Site. By using the Site, opening an account,  you need to follow our  Terms of Service when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree, to be bound and abide by these Terms of Service,

 If you do not want to agree to these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the Site.

This Site is offered and available to users who are 15 years of age or older.

Our Customer Support team is available 24/7 if you have any questions regarding the Site or Terms of Service. Contacting our Customer Support team can be performed by submitting a request or give us a call

We use English as the main means to communication


                                                        Key Terms

Buyers are users who purchase services on our website

Custom Offers are exclusive proposals that a Seller can create in response to specific requirements of a Buyer.

Custom Orders are requests made by a Buyer to receive a Custom Offer from a Seller.

Gig® Extras are additional services offered on top of the Seller’s Gig for an additional price defined by the Seller.

Gig® Packages allow Sellers to offer services in different formats and prices. Packages can include upgrades, which lets Sellers price their service for a basic price of from 5$

Gig® Page is where the Seller can describe their Gig and the Gig’s terms, and the Buyer can purchase the Gig and create an order.

Gig® / Gigs® are services offered on khfreelance

Logo Design is an original design for a logo uploaded by a Seller through our site

Logo Maker is the automated logo design tool offered by our site to users as further explained in these Terms of Service.

Order Page is where Buyers and Sellers communicate with each other in connection with an ordered Gig.

Orders are the formal agreements between a Buyer and Seller after a purchase was made from the Seller’s Gig Page.

Sellers are users who offer and perform services through Gigs or through the Logo Maker on khfreelance


                                                           An Overview

§  Only registered users may buy and sell on our platform. Registration is free of charge . In registering for an account, you agree to provide us with accurate, complete and updated information and must not create an account for fraudulent or misleading purposes. You are solely responsible for any activity on your account and for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your password. We are not liable for any acts or omissions by you in connection with your account.

§  Gigs on our platform   may be offered at a base starting price of $5. Some Gigs are offered at a base price of more than $5 as determined by the Seller.

§  Buyers pay out platform in advance, We accept the payment via the platform only, not responsible for the payment outside the platform

§  Orders are purchased through the Order button found on a Seller’s Gig page or through a Custom Offer.

§  For fees and payments please read the details or contact client support via Live chat

§  Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect Sellers’ reputation and status.

§  Sellers gain account statuses (Levels) based on their performance and reputation. Advanced levels provide their owners with benefits, including offering services for higher prices through Gig Extras, or selling their Gig in multiples.

Refund Policy

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Privacy Policy

Welcome to our platform which is a multi service online utility platform. The service is operated by Khfreelance Inc. and its

By using or accessing our platform, you agree that you have read, understand and are bound by this Privacy Policy ("Document"). We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change or delete portions of this Document at any time without further notice. Your continued use of the Service after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Notice identifies important features of the Privacy Policy of khfreelance.com . a herein also referred to as “we” or “us” or Khfreelance. This Notice summarizes in general terms the rights and obligations of our customers, Members and others who visit our website or otherwise interact with us (“you”), We. own rights and obligations; it outlines the basis on which we obtain, process, store and dispose of the personal information that we collect from you.

As recommended by many regulators, Khfreelance. takes a “layered” approach to explaining our privacy practices, and this Notice provides you with a summary of key information as below:


                                                           This Notice summarizes

What information we may collect from you is safely stored and not shared to third party

Our business is built on the trust between all users with our platform  that our customers place in us. An important part of earning and keeping that trust is providing you with accurate, complete and easy-to-understand information

                                       Information We Collect from You

The information we collect from you . This includes:

  1. All the Information that you provide to us whenever you apply for a product or service with our platform , request changes in your service, or contact us about your account or transactions (whether on-line, by email, electronic chat, telephone conversation or any other means).

  2. All the Information we collect from your visits to our website, whether or not you open an account or undertake a transaction with us, including your geo-location, equipment type, frequency and length of visits, and other details about your electronic interaction with us.

  3. All the Information obtaining through your use of our services and your participation in our marketing or other customer recruitment and retention programs.

                                      How We Use Your Information

We use your information primarily to help us provide the services to you that you request. For example, we use the bank account information that you provide to enable you to make purchases on our sites and webpages, and we use information about the merchants and other customers to whom you wish to send money in order to fulfill your transaction.

We may also use this information to contact you about your account, your use of khfreelance.com services, to alert you to potential problems and to respond to your questions to us. This information also helps us create marketing and other programs that might be interesting to you, and to contact you about them.

As required by law, we use your information to help identify and detect money-laundering, fraud and other abuses of the financial system.

                                                                 How We Share Your Information

Sharing your information among our affiliates (that is, companies that share our ownership), and with members of the our Third-Party Service Provider network, who help us record and process your transactions. We may also share your information with credit reporting agencies, banks, card processors, identify verification services and other organizations, but only in order for us to provide you with the services you request. We may also provide your information to government agencies, regulators, courts and other third parties to help prevent crime or to protect ourselves or our customers.

Day by day , we may develop typologies that rely on how you and other customers use our service. Those typologies do not, however, contain information that is personally identifiable to you. We may share those typologies with social media companies and advertisers to help us market our services.

                                                                      Data Storage and Security

We may collect, transfer and store your information in our system.

Having  received your information, we store it in our system safely , information security protocols, data protection devices and other means to help us ensure that we are maintaining your information responsibly and in compliance with law. However, no information that passes over the internet is entirely secure. Although we do our best to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee its security against hacks and unauthorized access. If such an event should occur, however, we will contact you promptly and keep you informed about the incident.

When you open an account with khfreelance.com. , you establish a password and other security protocols to help us confirm your identity when you visit us again. You are responsible for the security of your password ( We recommend you with strong passwords) and other identification criteria. If you lose or forget your log-on information, or if you believe someone else may have access to it or have used it, you should contact us immediately to enable us to help you protect your account.

                                                                                Your Rights

You reserve all rights to view, correct, update or delete your personal information you have provided to us. Please inform us when you update your information .Your use of any of khfreelance.com services, and any disputes arising from it, is subject to this Privacy Policy as well as our Terms of Use and all of its dispute resolution provisions including arbitration, limitation on damages and choice of law. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use all times.

                                                                  Changes to our Privacy Policy

We will post any changes to our Privacy Notice immediately on our website to help you understand how we use your information. We encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy policy sincerely

                                                                  How to Contact Us

You may contact us anytime for further information about our privacy policies at khfreelance.com at House 32, Street 432, ToulTumpoung, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia by contacting us at                  + (855) 10888543/90888543/978777500 or khfreelanceservice@gmail.com, during working hours

 ( 6.00AM-10PM) , Mon-Sunday.